360° panoramic images solution


GIROCAM is the perfect one click solution to shoot 360° panoramic images

Create instantly stunning Virtual tours with the GIROCAM 360° camera.

  • The GIROCAM has been designed and engineered for everyone to create with just a push of a button spherical virtual tours coving a field of view of 360° x 150°.
    No more complicated shooting or complicated picture assembling, the GIROCAM does it all for you. Wether you are a newbie to panoramic images or already a professionnal, the GIROCAM will answer all your needs. It comes with 2 preset modes to simply shoot panoramic images and 2 custom modes that will allow you to finely-tune the way you make panoramas.

Kolor Girocam Studio inside

  • The GIROCAM comes with a standalone software that will process and render GIROCAM raw files. This software is based on the KOLOR Autopano technology that has been recongnized as the world reference in image assembling technology. Processed panoramic images taken by the GIROCAM are fully compatible with the Kolor Autopano softwares and therfore can be manually edited.

High Dynamic Range

  • The HDR technique consist of merging several shots of a classic scene to obtain the more information possible on the light and dark areas of the photo. The GIROCAM has a default HDR mode. In fact, while you click only once on the shutter, your Giroptic camera will take 3 photos on 3 different levels of exposure to obtain a single picture of optimal quality. This way you can produce virtual tours of very high quality even in particularly dark rooms and substantially mitigate the overexposure window effects.

Photo Solution Specifications

Girocam 30Mpx Appartement Panorama
Pano Sample
Girocam 30Mpx Restaurant Panorama
Pano Sample