Product - GIROCAM one click solution 360° camera;


GIROCAM is the World's REAL First Fully Automatic Panoramic Camera

Sensors & lens

  • 3 fisheye lens covering 180° each
  • 3 CMOS sensors (10 Mpx each)

Moving scenes

  • Simultaneous sensors streaming allowing you to capture moving scenes
  • Powerful anti ghost functions to remove ghost during HDR captures

Stitching technology

  • Kolor was the first company to foresee the potential of SIFT technology for image stitching, in which its Autopano software became the world reference. In 2010 Kolor created the world's largest image: Paris 26 Gigapixels. 2011 saw Kolor launch its new range that includes image-stitching software (Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga) and virtual tour creation software (Panotour and Panotour Pro). The expertise developed by Kolor now enables to offer the automated stitching solution included in the Girocam package.

Evaluative & programmable device

  • At GIROPTIC we work everyday on firmware updates in order to give you the best of your GIROCAM. The GIROCAM comes with 2 programmable modes that allow you to change core settings of the GIROCAM (Fstop number, Timers, Iso, ...)

GIROCAM technical Specifications